Life Insurance Quotes?

life insurance quotes - because it pays to shop around

What Is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance cover provides a lump-sum payment in the event of death – tax free. The amount of life cover (also commonly referred to as life insurance) is paid to the policy owner.

Who can have it?
Anyone between the ages of 16 & 74 who is either a New Zealand Citizen or a permanent resident is eligible to apply for life insurance.

Note if you are in New Zealand on a work visa and are currently in the process of applying for residency you may also be eligible.

If you are a New Zealand Citizen or a permanent resident who currently resides overseas, you may also be eligible for Life Insurance.

What is covered?
All of the life insurance products offered through our site provide cover in the event of death by any reason (e.g. health, accident).

What isn’t covered?
Suicide is excluded for the first 13 months of all contracts. The insurer may also decline a claim if you have not been honest when completing your application form (non-disclosure). If you are in doubt about the relevance of any medical condition you should always disclose this during the application process.

Terminal illness Benefit
In the event that you are diagnosed by a doctor as being terminally ill within 12 months, all of the products that we offer will provide an early payment of your life insurance cover (note – maximums apply).